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NaPoWriMo Feature + #SeniorSelections

Sat Jun 7, 2014, 12:26 PM
Give me to warble spontaneous songs


Having had some opportunity to reflect on my own NaPoWriMo experience, I took some time to rummage around dA for some outstanding spontaneous poetry by others that came about as a result. Not that all poems written in a day can necessarily be considered spontaneous, but I believe there is a certain muscle in the soul which requires strenuous exertion in order to dip into creative springs every 24 hours for full month. This quick and repetitive reconstitution of inspiration lends to poetic works that dispense with time consuming literary constructs and approaches the promise of art: that of the unassuming veracity of the infinite.  

Here are some of my favorite examples I've encountered:

Confession by camelopardalisinblue    .today i am a worn-out suit,
my buttons bursting from their tethers
and the careful seams pulled
just a bit too tight.
a watchful eye might see the crooked hemlines,
the dangling threads that tickle at my wrists,
the fraying lining that pulls loose across my shoulders.
but all they see is black lines crisp on white,
and not the rolling echo in my cluttered briefcase.
    Moth FlurryMoths flurry like snow
around a flickering streetlamp
in the middle of nowhere.

#bfe2eeclouds lie back
in weariness after
a long trek across
the blueMoor.
on the way home,
a stationary train
chugs out the human equivalent.
       -if only this cardboard box could fly
( into the river, i left too many
unfinished things in the backyard
in the shack, the glutting mouth can't
steal me yet )

a visitationthere again,
in luminescent boas,
like any other
night, fire-
flies over a future corpse
meaning everything,
(& everything's been said about
smoking so they smoke;
not like 'us' (moai-nosed,
grin/intent of a jackal)
theirs are the
burugundy shavings
left scattered after
moths' pillage
there again, damned
elegance of the neurotic: insomnia & fever,
cold fire,
    HaikuStars on the ceiling
And hell upon the floorboards;
Never love the walls
    Each Nerve and Atomhow many eyes
adorn that face
within its sunken
mouth and throat
its still tongue
collapsed tubes
teeth and bones
each nerve and atom
an eye, looking
for the face of god
so that the end
having already happened
can materialize peacefully
into memory

Day Twelve Napo2014you taste like a cavity
bubblegum scented hole–-
of regret & electricity
(prevention, I’m told, is key)
And so I said to you:
let me pick–-
and so you widened.
   Manifestation Of Enlightenment by VertigoArt    I Set My Shadow LooseI set my shadow loose
the dreary warmth
leaving the touch
to find a new specter.
Much later...
I find her crying
on a highway overpass
she sees me eat a secret
I spit the lies in her face
“Go away!” I say.
She jumps.
The water below
walks ahead of me
carries her
with pocket holes
for breathing.
something will drag us
back together.
For now, I keep
the great poets
bottled inside
of this body
no longer bound.

I've joined a new group called SeniorSelections  We will be featuring pieces from every category.  Feel free to send me your suggestions for literature.

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NaPoWriMo feature + :iconseniorselections:
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